C90 Celestron 1000mm telescope mounted on a Nikon D500 / Solar Eclipse, Moncks Corner, SC 8/21/17

Other amateur astronomers looking at my Live-View screens / Solar Eclipse, Moncks Corner, SC 8/21/17

Here's what the amateur astronomers were seeing
on my Live-View camera screens in the above two images

Nikon D500 with a pinhole in a body cap making a pin-hole camera. No lens.

Nikon D500 with a Nikkor 200-500mm lens.

A pair of Nikon D5600 cameras converted to 590nm and 830nm Infrared.

Shooting Infrared shots at the beach

Most of my cameras over the years starting with an original Kodak Brownie (1927 version) when I was nine years old
that my dad loaned to me. That started me on a long pursuit of photography. I still have all those cameras pictured.