This is an informational site for Explore Culture created by Minji Xu in London, UK.

If you choose not to register on-line with, we have a link to get you directly into the Sunday event. Then click on "Open Zoom Meetings." The LINK.

Below are screenshots of many past events starting in April 2020.

A Tour of Chinatown in London, England with Minji and Mike

A visit with Minji in London learning about the culture of India directly from Roopak in India

Enjoying another Minji gathering, this time with Sunny in Quebec City, QC Canada

With Minji and Mike - A Poetry Machine from Somerset, England

The Gods of India by Roopak Agarwal in New Delhi, India

With Terumi, Harmeet, and Minji learning about the costumes and dress of Asia

Enjoying time in Shioya, Japan with Sumile and friends

With Explore Culture - July 17th, 2020

With Sumile on her first official Airbnb Experience program

Explore Culture - Space Coast USA

Explore Culture - Panama Dances and Brasillian Showers

Explore Culture - Praveen discussing the Origins, Culture, and Monuments of India

Explore Culture - Sunny describing Wuhan, China... where she grew up, and the city of 11 million Wuhan people of today

Explore Culture - Minji and Roopak taking us on excursions to the South and North Pole with all the adversities

The delights of Curry from three gourmet cooks: Terumi, Joanna, and JD. Does Curry taste better from a Mickey Mouse pan?

Mexico ~ from early times until the present ~ by Rafael in Mexico City

Sayuri and Sumile discussing the contents of Japanese refrigerators, and why!

October 4, 2020 - Breakout rooms to get to know each other.

October 25, 2020. Disney World-wide hosted by Jose Rivera in Panama

November 1, 2020. Halloween in World-wide Cultures

November 8, 2020. Constructing the Sewer System of London

November 15, 2020. The History of Lace by Ann in London UK

November 22, 2020. The History of Drum Sets by Professor Maximino

Japanese Tea - a Beautiful and Comprehensive Story by Judit and Terumi

A Life Remembered: Wilmer W Nichols - the transition from a Mississippi sharecropper's son picking cotton, to a professor of medicine

The Process of Video Game Creation by Stanley in London

The Holiday Season in Many Cultures - Tracey Garvey in London reading A Christmas Carole by Charles Dickens

Professor Mike Sharples guiding us through the 4000 year History of Mobile Devices

Eng and Buay in Bangkok, Thailand telling about farming and food in Thailand

Marc Sherland in Edinburgh, President of Robert Burns World Federation, presenting the Burns values of education and human equality

An in-depth World-wide discussion of Instant Noodles from A to Z coordinated by Ploy in Boston

The Stories of Valentines Day Celebration in Europe, South America, and Asia

A Celebration of the Chinese New Year by Buay, Judy, and Vincent

A presentation by Roberta in London, originally from Milan, discussing the Art and Architecture of the Skyscrapers of the World

A presentation by Linda in Cambridge, MA about the beautiful artistic possibilities with isomelt sugar

A presentation by David and Tim in London, UK about MND/ALS

March 21, 2021 - A very interesting and informative tour of India by Praveen Singh

March 28, 2021 - Cooking with First Ladies - Grace Coolidge presented by Sarah Morgan

April 4, 2021 - A Stunning experience with Riverdance by Siobhan Manson - Lead Dancer

April 11, 2021 - A visit to England/France in 1520 with Ann in London - The Field of the Cloth of Gold

April 18, 2021 - Touring Viet Nam with Spring and Hieu in Saigon

April 25, 2021 - Visiting the Sahara with Juanita Reimer in Southern Tunisia

May 2, 2021 - One Year Anniversary of Explore Culture with a Panel Discussion and Games

May 9, 2021 - A Marvelous Tour of the Pollock Toy Museum in London by Great Grandson Jack Tatham

May 16, 2021 - The Less Visited Areas and Beautiful People of Brasil by Sayuri and Tatiana

May 23, 2021 - Why we say "Malaysia, Truly Asia" by Tajuddin in Kuala Lumpur

May 30, 2021 - A very enjoyable experience with Historian Terry Silvers in London about the Tudor and Stuart eras in England

June 20, 2021 - The sights and sounds of Old Delhi by JD Singh

July 18, 2021 - Folk lore by Marc Sherland - Edinburgh, Scotland

August and September, 2021 - ZheYou (Neil) and Gary in a discussion of Space - The Final Frontier